Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Did Nobody Tell Me About Motocross Zombies From Hell?

I'm appalled that I am just learning about this now. Shame on you, society. As a few of you may have realized, I'm something of a cinephile. I love a good flick (a movie, not what you thought of, perv). And it's no secret that most motocross features have sucked. Like, sucked balls. I would honestly put Motocrossed at the top of the list. Yes, the Disney film in which moto riders are depicted as word-slurring misogynists is the best. Granted, at least half of that depiction is pretty accurate, but still, you can't just tell people that, BRO.

Anyway, never before has a movie eclipsed the moto realm with such incredible range. I mean, they're firing on all cylinders with this one. Everyone knows that zombies and vampires and all that Halloween business are hot shit nowadays. Here we have zombies and motocross, a vicious one-two of cinematic excellence. But wait, we're not done yet, these are motocross zombies from Hell. What the fuck?! Like, I was scared enough with just zombies; now we're dealing with zombies that are dapping up Satan? We are fucked, people. Win, or get yo ass ate. Jesus, what a movie. And yes, there is a Motocross Zombies From Hell IMDB page.

Just throwing this out there: What are the odds that this is a porno? You know, not hardcore, but one of those Skinemax type jobs?


  1. Epic production values Bro!

    If the motocross Zombies will be hungry for brains they will have to by pass Justin Barcia.

  2. I cannot believe that is a Cohen brothers film....!

  3. On the strength of this article I have decided to buy a copy off ebay. It can't be any worse than "Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter." Can it?

    Thanks, BROtocross!

  4. I rented this off Netflix a while back. It still beats "Supercross: The Movie"