Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's Rap About Jesus

No way. Is he going to do it? Is Eazy going to BROtocross Jesus f-ing Christ? (note: Normally I would actually drop the f-bomb there, but I'm not one to tempt fate at this point in my young, blossoming life. Much love, JC)

A few people have e-mailed BROto asking me to talk about riders (Trey Canard) thanking the big man upstairs during their podium speeches. Normally, religion is something that most people, including myself, would not touch with a ten foot pole and an industrial sized can of disinfectant. But what is life if you can't just say "Fuck it" and take the bitch to 11 sometimes?

So I was creeping every fat guy's favorite MX website, Vital MX, and there were a few threads on this very subject. Like those that asked me to discuss it, a lot of these guys are complaining that riders shouldn't be thanking Jesus for the win. Now, I am not a religious guy. Not that anyone cares, I just had to throw it out there for future reference. The argument against it is usually that these guys shouldn't be instilling their beliefs on the viewing public, which is a load of horseshit that could fill the goddamn Vatican. Want to know what irony is, kids? The main factor of the anti-religious movement is that religion often persecutes those who don't share in the belief. But these antis are now criticizing riders who choose to believe in a matter that differs from their own. Whoa, I just got a headache. Fact is that people can believe whatever the fuck they want and everyone else should just chill and be cool with it. Otherwise you're right on the level with that crazy bitch who pickets soldiers' funerals. So if you want to thank Jesus on the podium, you go right along your merry way. Even if you did it just because you were in Texas and were trying to win some points with Team Bible Belt, be my guest. This is America: Land of the free and home of the BRO. Yeah, I went there. Eazy out.


  1. As a Christian myself, I was about to just skip on by this post. But I'm actually with Eazy on this point.