Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Alright, Sweetheart, The Men Will Take It From Here

You know, I applaud this girl for doing her thing in the MX biz. I always love it when a smokeshow actually contributes more than a nice rack and a Monster can at the races. She's doing her thing and using her good looks to leverage that into what seems like it may be a legit career. That being said, I can't help but call this a failure. Just not funny. It's a good try, but she definitely gets points for being hot, can't blame anyone but society for that. I mean, they say it's difficult for a good looking woman to be taken seriously in these types of male dominated businesses, and maybe it's equally hard for them to be taken not-seriously. Anyhoo, solid attempt, Amanda, and if you want some help with your next video, Eazy is at your beck and call. Here's Daniel Tosh to wrap this one up for me:


  1. I want to fuckstart her head.

  2. I like how she paused before correctly identifying the clutch lever. She nearly blew it.