Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making Headlines: No Fear Will Rise Again, According To Wall Street

From -  No Fear executives got court permission to spend $220,000 of its bankruptcy loan toward No Fear MX, the company’s edgy racing brand of protective sports equipment. The portion of the $3.5 million loan will buy inventory for the line.
The brand has sponsored racing athletes like King of Supercross Jeremy McGrath, X Games champion Travis Pastrana and NASCAR convert Ricky Carmichael.
Company officials say they’ve worked hard to steer the brand away from the overcrowded teenage marketplace in which brands like Pacific Sunwear and Quiksilver compete. Full Article Here.

I love it when the outside world tries to talk about motocross. Without even trying at all, they immediately indicate just exactly how old and decrepit they are from their pathetic desk jobs. The second you use the word "edgy", boom, done deal. Now you just let everyone know that you have no business talking about whatever you're talking about. See you later, credibility. Because no one who actually knows anything about an activity that you consider "edgy" would ever use that term to describe it. That's a catch-22 if I've ever seen one. Not that I actually think that anyone at the Wall Street Journal has any business talking about the MX business, but you get the message.

But a little about the matter at hand: I'm liking it. Fuck those retail stores, they were a BRO breeding ground. Get the brand behind the MX gear and that's it. I'm down with the cause.

Another thing: When did Carmichael ever run anything for No Fear? I'm almost positive it never happened. McGrath and Pastrana, yes. Carmichael? No. He was AXO on PC for a while then Fox from there on out. And, I'm pretty sure he never ran their casual wear either.

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