Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Patterson v. Fiolek - Gettin' Bitter On The Twitter

@JP_Money250 tweeted this the other day...

And here is the photo...

I know this actually happened a couple of days ago, but honestly I was waiting for Fiolek to respond. It hasn't come, so I'm bringing it to you now. It's getting real on the BROcial media in the women's moto world. We got JP$ and Fiolek going toe-to-toe. Actually, since Fiolek has totally ignored everything, it's not much of a fight, but I'm blowing this shit up. Throwing punches at Hangtown? Let's see it. Can't say I favor one girl over the other, but I do have it on good authority that Patterson reads BRO from time to time. Just saying. I mean, in an actual fight, it's Patterson everyday of the week. Not even trying to hate on Fiolek, but in the event of an off-track altercation, she'd need to head to Legs-R-Us to get something to stand on. As far as the argument, I'm totally riding the fence on this one. Fiolek gets WAY more fans into the game, but Patterson totally won the 'ship last year. I know the commercial technically says "X Games Champion", but why don't you go split some more hairs, prick. If you haven't seen the commercial, it's actually pretty killer....


  1. Must be JP's time on the month or something, obviously shes gonne be rockin the #1 for a commercial

  2. Don't you mean Fatterson? My vote goes to Fiolek 100%. Fatterson has been in that class for like 10 years (ok maybe not but you get my point). Plus, she makes women's motocross look like a sport that only porkers/fat chicks can win at because of their sheer size and intimidation.

  3. Ultimate comment for fiolek to come back with:
    "@jp_money250: maybe you should stop living in the past when you actually looked like a female."

  4. what a couple dumb ass dumb asses, thats all i got for u two stupid fucks, she'd whip both ur asses all day so FUCK YOU ON THE TRACK AND IN THE BACK ALLEY

  5. @nipped tip: fuck off you mexicunt. I'll skulldrag you back to mexico by your stupid fucking mullet and fill your ass with nacho's.