Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Bull Donkeycross Looks Like A Real Gas

Fucking Euros. Always with the weird shit. I know this video is way too long to watch the whole thing, but I skimmed through it so I'm pretty sure I got a good feel for it. Several thoughts crossed my mind during my viewing stint:

First of all, what is the purpose of the donkeys? They seem to ride them for about 30 yards and then finito. Then they don't even ride them down the fucking hills. Now I'd need to check with my donkey guy on this, but isn't that usually the purpose of donkeys, like at the Grand Canyon and shit? You ride them down the paths, no? And of course these Euros ride side saddle like they are Scarlett fucking O'Hara. Please, gentlemen. You are representing the sport to these village people, don't make us out to be the next step in the evolution of 1950s rodeo cowgirls.

Finally, I feel like I would get so pissed at the trials guy. Events like this - where a trials bike really just outperforms all day, every day - would be really aggravating to race in. Talk about bringing a Colt .45 to a super soaker fight. I'm sitting here trying to get a 300-pound behemoth KTM with fucking brake lights over a 6 ft wall and this asshole just hops on over with his open face helmet to leave me touching myself like an asshole. This might just be Europe's way of making fun of Endurocross. "Here, Americanos, this is what you might as well be doing." I agree, Europe. Right on.

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  1. Haha funny as fuck. That's how we roll this side of the pond people. And yes Endurocross is super gay BRO....