Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brazilian Guy Squatting His Bike, No Big Deal

A lot of questions swirling through my head with this video. First and foremost - why the gear? Totally unnecessary, you're just making the task at hand that much more difficult. Second - Brazilians race motocross? Like, I know there's a Brazilian GP but come on, that's just a race to piss off the teams that don't have a factory budget. I'm pretty sure every South American rider got lapped about five times minimum in that GP last year. But, this kind of leads me into my next question - why not spend your time riding? Clearly, it is disgusting overkill to squat your bike. You know who can't do that? Carmichael, McGrath, Stewart, Windham, Villopoto. Ryno might have that shit on lock but he's a crazy motherfucker. I'm not saying that squatting the bike is even a ton of weight, but it's got to be frustrating as fuck to figure out how to do that without dropping the bike. Which kind of leads me to my fourth and final question - how in God's great green Earth did can this guy afford that bike? Everyone knows Brazil sucks. In Rio, if you don't own a bulletproof car, you don't own a car.

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