Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stewart's Testing For Outdoors And All I'm Thinking About Is How Sorby Still Runs That Gear

Is anyone as amazed as I am that Sorby still fits into that old PC gear? He seriously has to have gained a good 40-50 pounds since he was rocking that shit. Had to be taken out, right? He can't possibly be sucking in that gut the whole time, no way.

As far as Stewart testing, the rumor is that he'll be running the first 4 nationals, then he's done-gy. I guess Yamaha is providing him with no support to do outdoors, so he's footing that bill on his own. You know, I hate supercross-only deals. Hate them. But in a rider's shoes, I'd be doing that in a heart beat. Oh here, Eazy, you only have to work for half the year, the rest of the time you can lounge by the pool and sip on some tequila while a girl walks up and says "Hi, my name is Sheila." Sorry, I got onto a rap flow there and couldn't stop my swagger. Now I'm off topic. I'd love to see Mack Attack riding the whole series, but it would be dumb to do that, provided that the no support rumors are true. Of course, given that he's shit the bed so hard in the supercross series, it might be in his best financial interest to show people that he does realize that it's faster to stay on two wheels for the whole race.

As far as the video - I don't think it was meant to be really great, but I'm giving the guy credit for using that second song. I've been saying for a long time that the new era of moto video will be all about the funk soundtracks. But you'll see more on that in the coming weeks...

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