Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How Do We Feel About This GoPro SX Highlights Vid?

You guys like that? I'm involving you all in this one. #BROtocrossCares

So GoPro released this video this week. Usually, I'm not a fan of the "Epic Battle Scene" style of motocross video, but I'm not really sure where I am sitting on this one. There are some killer shots here. I would like to see more of the Windham transfers, because those are just great. You can never have too many Windham transfer GoPro shots, that's a rule. Do GoPros look better with that fisheye shit they always use? They say everything looks better with a fisheye lens. Definitely a little much with the time lapses, though. I criticized slow mo before, now I'm saying it with sped up film - You definitely don't want to over do it with the speed alterations. They will fuck your shit up.


  1. okay first off GoPro cameras are sick, i love mine. and im not big on this "style" of moto videos but i think this one is done pretty well. your right on, speed atlerations do fuck it up. the slow mo of tommy hahn is kinda unneeded, and there is too much time laspe. all things being equal its a good video. GoPro need to do a video of just Kdub tranfers though

  2. Damn, I wanted to be the first one to comment and repeat everything he just said!

    If you don't like this video, just fukin give your bike to speed channel so they can make a commercial with a monster truck running it over.