Monday, May 16, 2011

I Am So Going To The Mexican GP

SAN BERNARDINO (CA, USA), 15 May 2011 – During the Monster Energy GP of USA at Glen Helen Raceway, Youthstream and the FIM announced the celebration of the Grand Prix of Mexico for the upcoming 2012 FIM Motocross World Championship season. Former rider Mr. Sebastien Tortelli and Mr. Nicolás España Serrano will be the promoters of the third overseas GP of next season.

FIM vice-president Mr. Jorge Viegas opened the press conference by welcoming everybody to the Monster Energy Grand Prix of the USA and wishing everybody an excellent weekend at Glen Helen Raceway.

Mr. Giuseppe Luongo, Youthstream’s President, announced the agreement they reached to organize a GP in Mexico in 2012. ‘We believe it is a very good step for the FIM Motocross World Championship to have a GP in Mexico, as it is a growing market and fits perfectly well in our calendar. There will be three Grand Prix’s based in the American continent and it would be possible either to go from USA to Mexico and then Brazil or vice versa,’ Mr. Giusppe Luongo explained. Full Release Here

Well pack the bags and make sure the coke is under the false bottom because the GP series is heading to Mexico in 2012. The Mayans really nailed it with their predictions.We got floods, we got earthquakes, we got tsunamis, now we got Mexican GP races. Tell you what, somebody flies me down there, I'll go. With bells on my AK-47. My only question is how do you bullet-proof a motorcycle? You'd probably need some sort of cage mechanism or something. Like, bullet-proofing the actual bike would be no prob, but I'm a little bit more concerned about myself. Don't get me wrong, no one would be more pissed if a bullet pierced through my goddamn gas tank. But it would put a huge damper on the moto to take some shrapnel through the shoulder. Seriously though, making it through the Mexican and Brazilian GPs would be a real badge of honor for me, so the guys that come out are going to come out proud.

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