Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So It Really Is The Hardest Part About Being A Quad Rider

I didn't even watch more than :15 seconds of this video. Seriously, Chuck Norris could emerge flying a dragon with some Metallica blasting in the background and this would still be one of the gayer videos I've ever seen. Just BROmosexuality up the ass and on a quad to boot. The music, the sand in the background, the Titanic style wing gestures, and the quad is still the gayest thing in this video. You guys just don't stop with this shit. Like, it really is the hardest part about being a quad rider, isn't it?


  1. haha... thats my son!!

  2. hahaha thats my son!!!... with the thumbs down! He races dirtbikes and hates when they have open practice with the quads.

  3. Pretty grazy indeed....who would ever think that is remotely cool?!

  4. I started watching it and the google ad in the video that came up was meet gay body builders. Even google knows quads are gay.

  5. I think it's bitchin'
    Just two boys havin' fun!
    Ooh I can't wait to try that out.

    Freddy Fudgepacker
    Provincetown, MA

  6. Eazy YOU HAVE TO KEEP WATCHING TILL 24 SECONDS IN!!! That should be the picture on the shirt!