Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Looks Like Reed's Running Factory Honda For Outdoors

So I was doing the rounds of the motoweb last night and grabbed this screen shot from T-Dub's Milestone vid

You might be saying "Hey Eazy, Reed was riding a factory Honda for the last few supercrosses. Get your head in the game, BRO." Incorrect. As usual, I am miles ahead of the rest of you. Reed was rocking a TwoTwo bike in Supercross, as in, Pro Circuited out. Yeah, he was running some factory shit, but it was still his team's bike. Take a look at that pic then start writing your apology letters. No BRO Circuit to be found. Yep, my incredibly keen ability of perception caught that one right away. That is a factory Honda, bitches. No room for TwoTwo anywhere on those shrouds. Looks like Reedy might be running the outdoors for the only team in the biz that's ever run a dick on their graphics. I mean a pecker. Sorry, a woody. Wait, what?

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