Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Thought That I Had To Be At Southwick Soon

I usually hate when people quote rap like that to seem like they're hard. But I'm Eazy, I get to do it. Today is the day. BROtocross is cruising up Southwick-way and hitting Stimilon and we're hitting it hard. Bringing in all the guns. I've got a couple of the interns racing, so although you won't be witness to Eazy's prowess on a motorcycle, BROtocross will be represented on the track. And I'm sure you can count on some after-dark pitbike antics, because it just wouldn't be Stimilon without that. So there's a good chance you'll see me getting down with the get down on a 110 if I can find one to steal. DILLIGAF? No. The time has come to throw safety to the wind and flip a giant middle finger in destiny's face. It's Stimilon time. I know I should have posted a heavy metal song, but that's not so much my flavor.

All the Stimilon info is right here, BRO -

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