Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summing Up Stimilon - "Yeah, It Was A Dick Move On My Part"

Well Stimilon is a wrap and if there was ever an event that BROtocross was supposed to sponsor, this was it. I still want to do a video blog , and I did get a lot of footage. But after discussing this with my legal counsel (mass.gov), I think it is in my and a few others' best interest to not show people the footage of the carnage. I still have a decent amount of film that I can play with, so we'll see what comes up. Once we arrived, the phrase "Read the rules" was being thrown around a lot, which was really putting me off. Here's the thing about motocross riders - they're crazy degenerates. At the end of the day, MX riders go wilder than any other people out there. Think about it, real MX riders get their rocks off doing whips over hundred footers, so it only follows that when they party, shit is getting torched and a few animal sacrifices might just take place. So with an event like Stimilon where you are encouraging the riders to party, you might as well be handing a box of C-4 and Velcro suits to a bunch of terrorists, driving them to the White House, and buying them tour tickets with 72 condoms. As long as you can contain that explosion, it's a victory. I mean, in the schedule they allocate a time when the cops will show up, that's what we're dealing with here.

So how did the event go? The racing was pretty average. The appeal of Stimilon is what happens off the track. There were fights in the mechanics' area, beer showers for days at the concert, and someone even took the water truck for a 2 am joy ride (don't leave the keys in the vehicle, BRO. Rookie mistake). I heard a few bikes were stolen, a lock on one of the buildings was smashed beyond repair, someone desecrated a Brazilian flag, and Eazy himself ran a moto through the pits at three in the morning on a Honda scooter like it was fucking Freestone. Overall, Stimilon was exactly what I was thinking it would be. Basically, if the promoters weren't ending the weekend saying "We're never doing this shit again," the event would have been a failure. As far as I know it, that's what they were saying. So success. If Stimilon does happen next year, we'll be there again, for sure. And as for the people running Southwick: if you guys want to hit up White Castle, your meal is on us.

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