Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"No Contest" Of The Century - Windham Wins Fan's Choice Award

This is Windham's acceptance speech from the AMA awards for Fan's Choice, and his transfer at LV for your viewing pleasure. I am so on this guy's bandwagon it's ridiculous. From the opening ceremony transfers to the style to the laid back attitude, the man just gets it. Seriously, if you don't like Windham then please remember to wear an American flag to your next Al-Qaeda meeting, BRO.

I'm going to take a stroll down memory lane right now, and you all get to follow me. At the Southwick national in 2003, I was 15 and decided to put on my journalist hat and try to interview some riders on camera, really just for shits and gigs. I can't even tell you how fucking nerve-wracking it is to be an awkward 15 year old (yes, I wasn't quite such a baller) trying to talk to pro riders and not seem like one of the cookie cutter Stepfords that they speak to every day (even back then, I knew most of the people who conduct interviews totally sucked). Well, as can be expected, most of the riders didn't take me seriously at all. One even had the balls to say yes, then sneak off to his camper, never to return. Guess right and I'll give you a prize, and the answer is not Alessi. Back to the story. Through the whole day, only three guys actually spoke to me, and the last one was K-Dub. And you know what? As nervous as I was, Windham's general demeanor made it easy. The dude just radiates a contagious strain of cool behavior. Fan For Life. FFL, BRO.


  1. Any links to the interview you did? It would be cool to hear your questions and Windham's responses.

  2. David Vuillemin