Monday, May 9, 2011

So James' Song In Opening Ceremonies Was "Wild Thing", Right?

I didn't really address this yet, although I did post a pic of it already, but I can't get it out of my head that James is trying to pull a "Wild Thing" on all of our asses. I was fully expecting him to light the shit up in the race once I saw those glasses. But he didn't. One thing I can say with near certainty is that Stewart probably was not wearing his glasses when he was out there. BRO, got to wear your prescription eye-glasses. Rookie mistake. You almost had it. But not quite. Turned out more like this part, conveniently from the same movie involving the same character. "Juuuust a bit outside".


  1. This is pretty fucking stupid, I must say. You have too much time on your hands. You make some good blogs, don't get me wrong, but this is just...stupid.

  2. you kiddin me? I thought that was pretty funny. Great connection made there, every one else was going with the steve urkel reference. But this one's great.