Thursday, May 19, 2011

Reed and Windham Are Officially In For Outdoors

Well we may have lost Stewart, but we gain Reed and Windham? Sounds like one step back but two steps forward to me. I mean as long as everyone can steer clear of any super viruses this should be a solid development for the outdoors. All Chad has to do is sack up and start punting motherfuckers at the start of the motos and he is a definite front runner. No room for bitch riding in the outdoors, BRO. I like Chad but sometimes he starts the motos like he should be lining up for the WMA exhibitions, I mean races. And Windham, well, he can just do whatever the fuck he wants and I'll be perfectly fine with it. You do your thing, sir, and God bless you for doing it. He's a saint. But seriously though, Windham is still fast and typically gets good starts to I'm totally Dungey-status on this news.

What's up with Reed, though? I thought I was dead-on-balls accurate saying he was going Factory Honda, now it looks like he's staying TwoTwo with a lot more support from Honda. If there's one thing I hate, BRO, it's being made a fool of. Check yourself, Chad.


  1. Is he still with ProCircuit?

  2. you eazy are a "wordsmith" reeds too far out of check, he's gunna wreck himself

  3. Windham can walk around the track and I'd be happy to watch.