Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's A Shitty Day In New England. Some Quad Injuries Will Brighten It Up.

I debated not even posting this. I was all "Maybe you can have too much quad hate." Then I came to my senses, and proceeded to punish myself with one of those bladed whips like those whacky Indian tribesmen when they're doing the manhood ritual. You know, rather than teaching junior how to drive a standard or something that doesn't physically scar him for life. But I digress. It's a slow day on the motonet, so it's a good time to throw on some popcorn and watch quad riders hurt themselves. At the end of the day, that's all we really want, right? Also, I'm into Wozney and all the MXPTV stuff. I mean, it's not DS164, but I like it. He's a Northeast guy, so I have to support the cause.


  1. Bringing a quad to an mx track is the same as roller blades in a skatepark. It's just something that should never have happened. Pity the retarded.

  2. The funniest part is the flagger in the background that doesn't even bother to unroll his flag... he's like "ef him.. its just a stupid quad rider"

  3. thats what he gets for riding a quad in fucking purple gear