Friday, May 20, 2011

Wait, Stimilon Is Only A Week Away?

So Stimilon 2011 is coming up real quick. I really missed the boat on this one. I thought this event was in late July or some shit. Honestly, I'm so psyched that this event is in my neck of the woods. I really wanted to get some sponsorship behind Stimilon, like a BROtocross Holeshot/Shotgun competition or anything like that. Wow, I just came up with that off the top of my head but I like it now. A race where you have to shotgun a beer during the start. If anyone steals that idea, I will be cracking skulls. I tried getting in touch with these dudes, albeit not very hard (I sent them one message on Twitter, that was about it), but still the fuckers refuse to acknowledge my existence. If anyone with any sway over at Stimilon reads this, know that BROtocross wants to get some brand presence going at your event. I'm calling for the help of the loyal readers to send them messages or whatever the fuck you want to do demanding that BROtocross be featured as a title sponsor. Ok, I'll settle for pretty much anything, not to mention I'm broke as fuck right and wouldn't be able to sponsor the event, anyway. Regardless, this event screams "BROtocross, bro." Beers, bikes, broads, and beers. I love it.

As much as I really want to be racing the event, that unfortunately isn't going to happen unless an operational motorcycle lands in my garage in the next couple of days. No worries, a few of the BROto Interns are racing, and I fully plan on stealing their bikes and sneaking on track for the ride day on Sunday. BROtocross will absolutely be attending even if we don't get any official love from the promoters. I think I'm going to do some video blog work for this one. BROtocross is definitely ramping up for some big changes, and if there's one thing I've learned from the readers, it's that they don't like to read. Like, I'll be surprised if half the people who read this post actually get to this sentence. So we'll be rocking some serious video action. Big plans, kids, big plans.


  1. email me

  2. Brotocross peeps - email me. Never got the twitter message (big surprise) Would love to work with you - i like your style.

    its not to late to make the magic happen!