Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Is Pourcel Back With BRO Circuit?

If you've been keeping an eye on the motonet, you may have come across this rumor that Pourcel has quit the MotoConcepts team for a GP ride with CLS Kawasaki, which is Pro Circuit's effort in Europe. The word is spreading, and now MXLarge.com is reporting that the deal is a wrap and Mitch has CP back from the foreign lands that were equipped with FMF exhausts. So now I am going to talk about it. It's never really been especially important to me that a rumor be confirmed before I blog it, the timing just happened to work out for me here. Am I especially surprised by this almost-news? Does the Pope not shit in the woods and not molest collies? See what I did there, something of a double negative. So no, I am not surprised. Everyone says the Yamahas suck at the pro level. Nothing against the MCY BROs, they are just playing a losing hand, not their fault. Tough hit, for sure. Their first big timer and he's gone in two races. It's got to be a real kick in the nuts when you lose a rider because of the equipment that the factory provides your team. Like, they were probably so psyched when Yamaha stepped up the support for them, and then their jubilation melted into the forced facade of excitement; not unlike unwrapping a large present on Christmas only to find a significantly smaller box inside. You know what, Dad? Fuck you! Of course if this all turns out to be false, then everyone can just relax and do the happy dance, all right?

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  1. I wish Supercross would have "free range chicken night"