Monday, June 6, 2011

Mike Metzger Gets Ruined In Bratislava

So Metzger went down like a motherfucker at a show in Europe. Guy was riding in a t-shirt and jeans because his shit didn't arrive. No surprise there. It was in Bratislava. Is it even possible to get to that city without traveling by mule? As is the case with most Americans, my sole impression of the capital of Slovakia comes from the movie Eurotrip, so all I'm wondering is how they could possibly afford to have an FMX show there. Were those ramps crafted by sadness bonded by tears? Metzger must have been riding for three nickels, a sandwich, and a shoelace. Probably living large on that exchange rate, though.

P.S. Call it kicking a man when he's down, but Metzger's no visor thing was never cool. Ever. It didn't help you with backflips, BRO. It just didn't.


  1. i love these downramps that provide a double impact, very impressive. Crowd also looks completely packed ! haha

  2. I was thinking the same think as Ryann. Fucking packed house holy hell.

  3. Hi Eazy.
    I see you know a lot about Europe:)
    Everybody knows that you americans dont see anything beside your own bordes, maybe beside Mexico, so i understand your lack of knowledge. The way you write makes me think you are very uneducated.
    Enyoj your life and McDonalds.

  4. more bad news for Mike....they had to take the shoe lace back when they needed it to make his sling.


  5. @The first anonymous: First of all, Americans are very educated people, and I have to laugh my ass off at the fact that you didn't quite grasp the concept of sarcasm. Eazy is just being an incredibly crafty motherfucker by pulling up every euro-steriotype there is and making fun of it. Second, it only makes YOU look a dumbass when you spell words wrong because you can't speak or spell any goddamn english to save your life, BRO. Finally, Mcdonald's is NOT the only food that Americans eat. AMERICA, FUCK YEAH.

  6. McDonalds is the biggest fast food retailer in the world, and operates in well over 100 countries. So unless you are chewing steamed donkey nuts in some village in the Danakil Desert I'd say you enjoy our McDonalds. You're welcome. "I'm lovin it."