Friday, June 10, 2011

Kickstart The Weekend With Some Extreme Quad Rollerskating

As you can probably tell it was a slow week for me as far as BROtocross goes. Today, I absolutely couldn't think of anything to talk about. Sure, Pourcel is officially out for High Point, but as usual I was way ahead of the ball and called that about three days before tomorrow. I decided to Zuckerberg it and throw a line into the social networks and see what came up. It wound up that no one gave me anything solid, though I hear it's the thought that counts so you guys are just the best. But I gave myself my own idea when I mentioned starting "BROllerblading" because motocross is too boring. Yes, rollerblading. The quads of the skate world. In my intimate state of boredom I hit the YouTube in search of something in the form of BROllerblading. Though the title of this video was exceptionally deceiving, I definitely think it fits the mold. Fuck rollerskates, fuck rollerblades, fuck quads, and fuck terrorism. By the way, we are officially consolidating quads into the "Fruitbooter" category. Congrats, fruitbooters.

P.S. In my search, I decided to try to find a video that actually combined quads and rollerblades for the ultimate annex of gay, and I came up with this. Not a good video, but you have to listen to the rollerblade kid talking. Until the cam turned to him, I was absolutely sure it was Ken Roczen. I mean, I'm totally down with Ken-doll, but it 100% sounds like him. Pumpkin quad too, right?

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