Thursday, June 9, 2011

Attention Aspiring Filmmakers - "Smack That" Is Not A Good Song

I decided that it's time for me to once again lend a piece of my brilliance to the dejected third world that is the amateur MX video business. This will be the second installment in the series, the first being the Don't Go Slow, BRO blog. Now before we move on, some people might be asking what makes me so qualified to run the video show around these parts? Well, I definitely consider myself to be the voice of a generation, and that generation has been built on video; think MTV for motocross and without all the retarded pregnant chicks. Do I have some bias as to my status as a media critic in MX? It's definitely possible. In fact, if I'm speaking indifferently, I would definitely say that I might be a little biased based on my objective view of this whole matter. Wrap your heads around that for a minute before you move on.

Have you stopped hyperventilating yet? Good. Ok, so search "motocross" on YouTube and what do you get? Shit.  Undisputed shit. I've addressed the slow motion, now we are going to move on to music. There's way too much to talk about in one blog on the music factor, so I'll keep this part pretty short and save the rest for installment numero tres. Music is a pretty key attribute to your video, it controls the whole tone and effect to the viewer. Deciding on the right music is integral to the success of your video. So let's start with this one rule of thumb: Don't pick a "top 40" song. They suck, and I mean like, hard. Just because a song is good to get your fuck on at the club does not mean it's going to work in a moto video. Shorty's fire is most certainly not burning on the dance floor when you are at a race track, BRO. For the most part, the farther up the charts a song is, the lower on your list of potentials it should be. Show some goddamn creativity; it's video production, lack of creative ability does not particularly suit such an activity. And if you really think that "Roll Up" by Wiz is the sound you want for your video, thanks for ruining a solid 3-4 minutes for everyone that you conned into watching your video, you sick son of a bitch. I actually hope you get arrested for copyright infringement, I really do.


  1. E z you silly bastard shorty's fire burns on the dance floor 24/7. regardless of where you, BRO.

    Jk i liked it
    -Daniel s

  2. you didn't address dubstep, BRA!