Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chad Reed just twittered google all over my facebook

Chad Reed just twattered all over everyone in the MX industry with this pic. Who the hell saw that one coming? TLD was not even on the maybe list for where Reed would end up at the beginning of the 2010 season. Talk about a home run for them.  Say what you want but Reed had all of the internet nerds (at least the ones that follow MX) by the balls for the past couple of months, and he has garnered a tremendous amount of attention for himself. The TLD guys seem to have a pretty solid set up, but they already have three 250 riders, so I am a little skeptical as to how they will be able to handle a heavyweight like Reed. And how the FUCK can they afford Chad Reed? Are Seely, Craig, and Baker paying to ride for them? I am sure that Reed took a big pay cut this year, but come on, it has to be exponentially lower if the TLD team got him. Are they even associated with Red Bull anymore? Because if Red Bull kicked in for the Reed budget, ok, I can understand that. But if I'm the big cheese over at Red Bull, I'd want a hell of a lot more logos on that bike. I know they are no longer with the factory Honda team, which is why I question if they are still with TLD. Whatever the case, this looks like the real deal, and rumors of this move have been floating around for the past week or so. If it is the real deal, then whoever does the negotiating for the TLD guys just earned himself free drinks for life from the rest of the guys over there.

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