Monday, October 25, 2010

How pissed is Villopoto?

No offense to Ryan, he's actually looking pretty good on the track. But to be put on a video to a BMayzee soundtrack? I would be absolutely bullshit. Like, enough to call the asshole who made this and ask him what he was thinking, maybe call his boss and make sure he has a sit down with this clearly inept employee. I have absolutely no idea why the dumb fuck who made this would use this track. I don't even think that Brandon Mays is in anyway affiliated with Volcom. Even if he was good at rapping, the sound quality just sounds shitty. Oh yeah, and he SUCKS at rapping, so that kind of puts a damper on the song, also. But this isn't about Mays, this is about the dude who is about to get fired at Volcom. You seriously put a major black mark on this brand, chief. You may think Brandon Mays represents "Youth Against Establishment", but he is definitely the most fake clown in the business, of moto and rap. Get to know the brand that you work for, idiot.

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