Tuesday, October 19, 2010

News: Townley off to Europe

From Racer X Online - Ben Townley, one of the fastest motocross riders in the world, will return to the MX1 World Championship next year with Kawasaki Team CLS. 
After five seasons racing in the USA, the former World MX2 and US Lites Champion has signed a one year contract with Pro Circuit and Kawasaki Team CLS to compete in the 2011 World series. For the full article, click here, fool.

Ben Townley is heading back to Europe to sip tea outside the cafe and rip butts between motos. I know a lot of Americans are saying "Good riddance" after his moves at the MXoN this year when Red Bull and TLD commissioned him to put more logos on Short's bike (source not confirmed), but whatever, there's nothing fun about motocross anyways, so I don't know what you jackals expect. Townley hasn't really "boomed the dynamite" here recently, even though he twists the throttle more often than not. At least he made it through the nationals without breaking himself off, as has been the trend for him.

He's racing for the Pro Circuit's Euro effort (La Pro Circuite?) so I suppose he will be on some good equipment. While I wasn't paying too much attention to him this year, I did notice that at Southwick his bike looked like one of those old washing machines that shake the house's foundation when you really get them purring. You know, the one's that your friend's mom liked using just a little too much. Weird. But he had good luck the last time he was on Kawis, so I guess we will see how he performs. 

The GP series is kind of collecting a lot of big names, which is strange because I have heard more than once that the riders over make make shit money. I guess the exchange rate is killing it over there for those damn Euros (I wouldn't know since I haven't kept up on that bitch in months). But now they have Searle, Anstie, Townley, Roczen, and some other clowns (Yeah, Tony, I said it) so it should be some good stuff over there.

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