Sunday, October 31, 2010

"You know?" - Jake Weimer

Listen, I like Jake Weimer. I root for this guy, and I was psyched to hear that he got a ride for the 450 class next season. Not to mention his girlfriend is a certified smokeshow. But this video was pretty painful to watch. I'm sure there are a lot of people saying "Well he is just chilling at home, there is no need for him to be very professional or outgoing or any of that jazz." Sure, I understand that the camera can be pretty difficult to speak to, and Weimer is probably put on the spot with these questions. Actually, maybe the guy to be mad at is Swap. I really don't see how this (at least the first half) is supposed to be considered good content. I could barely handle listening to him ask me if I knew at the end of every sentence. It's one of those things that once you notice it, you can't focus any attention on anything else. I honestly have absolutely no idea what he was saying during that long rant in one of the early answers, and I'm not about to watch it again. Thankfully, Jake's woman shows up and all is well. He even starts speaking a bit more eloquently, although he must have gotten dizzy doing everything he could not to look at the camera. Seriously, just look at the camera, and take your time with your answers, Jake. Of course, he makes way more money than me and has way more fun and sex and adventures than I do, so thanks again Universe, you dumb cunt.

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  1. hahahahahaha i like him too but, that was a terrible response . I wonder what he thought when he watched it? think he caught on to that or no? and yea, swap coulda left that answer out for sure,