Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get me this BROterrific helmet!!!

Good God, someone get me this helmet. Right now. I need it, you need it, BROtocross needs it. This helmet actually made it onto the scene via snowmobiles (the quads of the winter world), to my knowledge, but I have indeed seen it in person at a motocross track. It is unbelievable. Like, take all the functionality of your visor and just throw it out the window. Literally everything that you do should be all about looking like one bad ass mother fucker. I mean, on paper it’s the perfect product for this market, right? Motocross riders wear hats, and they wear helmets. Why not make it all one glorious experience? Unfortunately, all the money in the world would not be enough to get anyone to actually wear this BROto icon. It’s the type of idea that people joke about in movies and TV. You know, when some delusional piece of work thinks that he is on the brink of the next big trend in American culture, and it’s supposed to be funny just how ridiculous and outlandish it is. Let’s forget for a minute that it screams “I cut my black fenders and wear shorts riding instead of MX pants, then put on MX pants when I’m chilling at the house”, there is no way in hell that this helmet could pass any sort of miniscule safety standard to make it fit for racing. Seriously though, if someone could please send this helmet my way, size Medium, I would absolutely love to get my hands on one for a good day or so at the track. The guys over at Pro Model Helmets have got a serious homerun here.

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  1. That helmet is excellent. We had one at the office and Lutes even wore it for a moto one day... There is an 80 kid from Mexico who races locally in one...with a straight face, even.