Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let's talk about Christophe Pourcel

Ok, so more than a few people have made it public that they heard from some guy who read that Christophe Pourcel told his friend that he might almost surely but definitely may be skipping next season due to the poor offers that are currently on the table. Listen, I have no idea what is going on in Pourcel's head (not an insult), but I just feel like throwing my 1.64 yen your way (that's two cents, we're learning!). For real, what kind of idiot would think that skipping a season would allow him to make more money in the following season? Think about it, Stewart basically missed  a little over one season (counting aggregately), and the industry has turned on him harder than those race bikes from the movie "Tron". People pretty much forgot about him (well, at least they pretended to), and he really only missed half a season due to choice ('09 Nationals). Christophe missed over a year due to injury in '08, and thank the God of moto he was already pretty much locked in to a ride (to the God of moto, nonetheless). Maybe Chris is thinking "Hey, I did this once, why not try it again?" I don't really think so, because he probably thinks in French, and I don't feel like finding a translator.

Seriously though, I can literally think of no positives coming from skipping the season. What is the best case scenario? He takes some time to travel and meets a nice girl who is the daughter of an Arab oil mogul and who happens to be a huge fan of French motocross racers. But Christophe, then you are constantly having to cater to her every whim and then you'd have to deal with the trials that come with raising multi-ethnic children, and you know that her father is going to want a son from that Y chromosome your throwing right from the get-go. It all sounds terribly stressful to me. What was I ranting about again? Oh yeah, so I don't know who is the total dumbass in this matter - Christophe, or the guy who decided to publicize the idea that he should skip the 2011 season to get better offers next year. Are they one in the same? It's all supply and demand, kids, but this theory of cutting off the supply completely to stimulate demand does not work. At least not in this matter. How much do you want to bet that CP (if he is really thinking about this) saw that "Cartmanland" episode of South Park very recently?

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