Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You wanna FIGHT about it??

Honestly, nothing is more BROto than fighting someone who passed you in a moto right after you get off the track. That way, you know that people are going to be afraid of you on AND off the track. So this video has been around since May, but I just saw it today. Little late on the draw perhaps, but it’s an instant classic, nonetheless. Props to the filmer of this one. He kept the camera on these two for quite a while in anticipation of the action. A weaker man would have just cut the camera and missed everything. Maybe he could hear them yelling or something, because I definitely didn’t see the fists coming. Well, that’s a lie, but the title of the video is kind of a giveaway. Fucking YouTube, ruining the cinematic experience. Moving on - these kids are making motocross racers look like pussies, for sure. They actually let each other get settled and square-off, ready for battle. Ok, good start. But they leave their gear on? Dudes, if you are going to make it an official fight, dump the helmets and gloves, like hockey players. What could be more BROto? Instead they just let loose with the haymakers into each other’s helmet. They are probably saying “Ouch” every time they connect with a hit. Bitches. But at least they are man enough to NOT leave it on the track and NOT let their riding do the talking, because a real man loses his shit all over the place if he has a bad moto, then flips everyone the bird as he gets kicked out.Yeah!

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