Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Day of 6 Days Enduro Cancelled Over Drug Violence? Pussies.

Listen, I know that this is BROtocross, not EndurBRO, but it's all dirt-bike related. I know that most people in America do not follow enduro or the ISDE, including myself, but I caught this headline and figured I would talk about it. My only knowledge of the 6 Days is from the epic 70s film "On Any Sunday", and Bruce Brown definitely paints the picture of an event where you have to be a gnarly MAN to win. Working on your own bike, passing various tests at random times, stuff like that. I don't know if the format has changed or what, but if you ask me nothing would be gnarlier than continuing the race through the drug-wars in Mexico. Like, I think that in the 70s, they would have. This event is slowly becoming jaded for little fairy boys, by the looks of things. It should have gone on. It would have been like the scene in "XXX" where Vin Diesel randomly finds a Husky in the tall grass and rips it through the slums of Colombia as the Feds are raiding a drug cartel. Weaving in and out of explosions, doing whips over barbed wire fences, and tossing out no-footed cans and kicking drug lords in the face in mid air. Then and only then would the winner be able to truly declare his manhood. You have lost your way, endurBROs.

By the way, to find that picture, I searched "vin diesel xxx" on google images, before I even realized what I had typed. Thank GOD I had safe-search turned on. Eeesh.

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