Monday, November 8, 2010

News: Leib to Husqvarna officially

Just a quick post because I can't find much news-worthy stuff pertaining to the MX world. I don't know Michael Leib, but I saw him at LL in '09 absolutely tearing up the course. He won that year with a 1-1-14. Yeah, a 14, I wonder if there has ever been a champion with a worse moto finish? Leib was supposed to be ripping up the AMA Nationals in his debut last year but an offer came from across the pond with BUD Racing Kawasaki (are they based in Amsterdam? Never mind). Apparently he made some friends over in Europia because he is now signed officially to Husky's new racing effort. I know that he is saying that he is pumped on the bike and everything, but I wonder what he is really feeling. Because seriously, ask any little ripper what he wants to be when he grows up and he will tell you "a factory racer", but he is really thinking "a factory racer just not Husqvarna." It's like getting a college degree in history. You did it, you accomplished your dream (kind of), but are you really any better off than you were before? Husky has not fielded a race team for a few years now, but I will say that back in the day I personally knew someone that rode for the factory team in the U.S.(no names), and let's just put it that he was WAY better off on a privateer Jap bike. Husqvarna is actually a pretty big company, so hopefully they are dumping money into Leib and their race team, because the right amount of zero's would make any bike my ride of choice, that's for sure.

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  1. I think this is cool and I wanna see how it plays out. I know they've got an awesome contingency program yet no one rides their bikes... its made me always wonder how one of these fast kids would do if they hopped on one