Friday, November 12, 2010

NASCAR snags another one

From Travis Pastrana's Twitter - "Well its official, I'm headed to NASCAR! I'm a team owner and driver of the newly formed Pastrana-Waltrip Racing team. Can't wait!!"

Well Pastrana is officially off to NASCAR and I must say that I am not surprised at all. I don't really understand it when people get all pissed when riders say they would like to move into the four-wheelin', left-turnin', cross-burnin' world of NASCAR. Seriously, could there ever be a more cushy, overpaid job for any racer? Literally all you have to do is turn left and draft the guy in front of you, maybe once is a while sacrifice yourself in a big crash for the 90% of the fans who only watch for the crashes. And NASCAR drivers get PAID! I'm talking dollar dollar bills, y'all. It's pretty hilarious that this form of racing is the most popular in the United States. Like, I am as much of a non-America hater as the next guy, but it's hard to beat up foreigners for having a funny talking sound when I'm basically defending a sport where half the fans in the stands are only there to get their limited edition KFC bucket signed by Dale Jr. 
But, I must again reiterate that given the opportunity, I would go into NASCAR so fast that my team wouldn't even have time to let the paint dry on my decals. Honestly, how often do the actual drivers even have to practice with the team? It is all in the car, just make sure you drive a route to the strip club with lots of left hand turns and you are good to GO. Making millions and signing babies and boobies all over the joint.

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