Friday, November 12, 2010

Pourcel reads BROtocross

Christophe Pourcel - "I’ve read and heard many of the things that have been said about me and my pursuit of a ride for 2011 and nothing I’ve seen has accurately portrayed the situation. I prefer to conduct my business dealings in private but feel this situation needs to be addressed publicly to combat the misinformation that is out there. The only thing that I have asked for or have sought, has been something that would provide me with a program that is comparable to the way that that my competitive set of riders are being compensated and supported. I am not "holding out" for a specific amount of compensation as has been stated by a certain corporate spokesperson, but I have sought and continue to work toward a deal that allows me to have the resources I need to be competitive and to plan for my future after racing. I understand that times are hard for everyone and economic realities apply to me too, but I have to have access to the same type of resources that my competition have in order to be competitive with them. I’ve invested the results of my success so far in the United States back into the United States and hope to be able to continue to race there and enjoy the way of life there, in what I consider my second home country. We are currently working on options that would allow me to do that and hope to have some news soon. I’m working hard so that I can continue to compete in the sport that I love and has been the passion of my life for as long as I can remember. I can’t thank the people who believe in me enough, and their continued support will get me through this challenging time."

Ok, it doesn't actually say anything about the BROto in here, but you can't tell me that it's not a peculiar coincidence that the post about him goes up and not a day later does he put out an official press release. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome, and he clearly saw that shit about him on here and said "Damn, if Eazy is writing this then I had better put something out there to clear the air". Yup, that's definitely what happened.

I wonder if Christophe actually wrote this himself. I very seriously doubt it, but if he did, then damn, he must be taking lessons with Lebron James or something. A huge paragraph of NOTHING. I've read through it a couple of times and the gist of it is this: He wants to be on good equipment next year. That's it. One sentence spread out into chapter one of the memoirs of CP. Why can't he just say that he is not going to skip next year? That's all I'm wondering. In fact, just by not mentioning it makes me think that he might actually be considering it. And I must once again say that would be RETARDED.

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