Monday, November 8, 2010

News? Reed Starts His Own Team

From Some Random Australian Publication - FORMER motocross world champion Chad Reed will today shock the American motorsport establishment by dumping multi-million-dollar manufacturing contracts to create a renegade all-Australian superteam. Click the link for the Full Story.

Ok so the Chad Reed mind-fuck continues today with this announcement of his "renegade all-Australian superteam". All I know is that I want to meet the author of this article and ask him what the logic was behind the phrasing there. Is it renegade now to start your own team? Cool. And this superteam thus far consists of one rider that we know of, and who else from Australia could possibly be added to this team to classify it as "super"? Byrne is spoken for, Matt Moss is, too. Not sure about Jake Moss, Reardon, or Marmont, but none of those guys would make up a superteam, if you ask me. 

I just read the first line after that paragraph that I posted and all I can say is WOW, these guys are really on the ball: "Reed, 28, will create history by banishing big names like Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki to build his own Frankenstein-style bike that will borrow from the best of every manufacturer." Now I feel like an idiot for writing about this because I am almost sure this is fake. That's what I get for using some Australian tabloid publication for my source. Seriously guys, a Frankenbike with the best from every manufacturer? Even if you have no previous knowledge of the goings-on of the motocross world, anyone with any sense at all to speak of can tell that is not a feasible move for any rider, regardless of their prestige in the sport.

If Reed really is making his own team (and let's be logical, he's going Honda), then it reflects a totally unprecedented move like they say in the article. Except for when McGrath did it. And J-Law. And a lot of privateers. And wait, didn't Reed kind of start L&M? Shit, well it looks like he would just be doing something that even he has done before. Sorry folks, nothing new here.

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