Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UPDATE: Reed's New Team - TwoTwo Motorsports

From Transworld MX - Multiple world Supercross Champion Chad Reed has confirmed he will be on the startline for the opening round of the 2011 AMA Supercross Championship, but has turned his back on the security of a paid ride. 

Defying the trends of the post GFC  world, Reed has opted to take his destiny into his own hands by creating his own race team from the ground up.

After 12 years of racing for factory operations throughout Australia, Europe and the United States, Reed will take the helm as both rider and team owner of the newly formed TwoTwo Motorsports. Click here for the full story.

Really? TwoTwo Motorsports? This has to be a joke. It's pretty late here so I'm just going to let this one marinate and I'll tackle it in the morning. I just thought people needed to know.

UPDATE: Upon further review, this definitely seems to be the real deal. I still think the name TwoTwo Motorsports is pretty stupid. CR Motorsports, TwentyTwo Motorsports, Reed Racing Company, all three would have been better. I know that the official team name will most likely not have TwoTwo at the front, so maybe they didn't really care what the name actually was. Also, anyone who thinks that Reed is actually going to fund this venture by himself is dumber than those Progressive Insurance commercials with that bitch with the "Flo" name tag. He's just going to get some funding from Monster or someone and we'll have another energy drink/supplement team with black graphics. Like I said in the previous post, nothing new here, kids.

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  1. Ya like brotocross was a good name. You fag. Reed is one of the best riders out their and watch as he dominates the season