Thursday, December 16, 2010

Attention Freestylers: Stickers On The Number Plates At the Track? Stop It. Stop It.

I watched a couple of vids from the DC Ride Day at Pala (Racer X and Transworld), and I once again noticed something that has pissed me off before - Maddo's bike is all stickered up like his freestyle bike. Why do freestylers do that? I understand you guys have sponsors, but so do all of the guys who race, yet they still manage to find room to throw on some numbers. Isn't that what the rule for numbers in the nationals is all about? More room for sponsors? I just think it looks so stupid to be out on the track with a bike like that. No matter who you are, people will give you about as much respect as a guy who rides in baggy pants or has a mohawk over his helmet (yes, I've seen grown men do that. Ugh). If you want to throw stickers on your freestyle bike, be my guest. But if it's your bike that you take to ride at the track, just don't. And if you are contracted to do that, get a better agent because that is some ridiculous bullshit. A blank number plate would look infinitely better, and that is not an exaggeration. Even just throw some numbers on the front plate, give me that, at least. Some of you freestyle guys may be saying "Wait, I don't have a number." Well, then I fucking hate you. Get out and race, dumbass, then I will respect your ability to close your eyes and pull back on your handlebars. And I'm not talking to all freestyle bromies, either. The ones that race or have raced have certainly developed bike skills to be good at riding a motorcycle, and have simply translated that into doing tricks. Respect. I'm just trying to help you, freestylers, and I'm sorry to be picking on Maddo again, he just happened to be the one who sparked this thought in my head. Actually, I'm not sorry, this is BROtocross, not the press conference for BP.

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