Friday, December 17, 2010

Red Bull BRO Limits Claims Another One

From Racer X - SANTA MONICA, CA - Levi LaVallee was injured while practicing for his planned world record snowmobile distance jump at this year's Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. event, set to take place in San Diego on December 31 and telecast on ESPN.

Levi was immediately taken to a local hospital where he is in stable condition. We will release more information as it becomes available.

Our thoughts are with Levi and his family during this time.

Bummer for LaVallee, but I have to say that the hype around these Red Bull things every year is a little out of control. This snowmobile jump I suppose would have been one of the better ones, but once it got to backflipping the truck, I was lost. That jump was, for lack of a better word, gaytarded. Yep, I had to make one up. Literally just a truck running into a ramp that would collapse once the front wheels hit it, virtually no skill involved at all. And the guy didn't even make it. Not to mention he almost died trying it a year before. I already discussed Maddo's thing, jumping on and off the L'Arc de Triomphe building (didn't think I knew that one, did you?). Most of these stunts just seem like way too much risk for a minimal cool factor. I hesitate to say reward because Red Bull probably pays up the wahzoo for shit like that. Now LaVallee is all done-gy, and does he even get paid? Like, he didn't perform the stunt. Red Bull is probably so bullshit. This is a lose-lose for them. They can't NOT pay him, but then they are just pissing money away. Learn from this Red Bull, BRO Limits is getting a little weird. Was there even going to be snow for this jump? You may think it's stupid, but I honestly am questioning that. It would only have been cool with snow, LaVallee, I hope you are taking notes for next year when Red Bull forces you to do this again. The good ole days of jumping Harleys 150 feet have come and gone. Now backflipping trucks and launching snowmobiles into the stratosphere are the only things that get our rocks off. Pity on you, America. 

Side note: People are actually "like"-ing this Racer X post, via Facebook. Yeah, they are probably liking the prayers part, but it seemed kind of fucked up at first. Did some of the people just click "Like" when they saw that title? I wouldn't doubt it. As Jim Morrison said, people are strange.


  1. This was going to be gay anyhow. I live in San Diego, partly because I could give a shit about snow mobiles. Sucks the guy got hurt but Red Bull could have came up with something better.


  2. The internet gives uneducated people a voice. But congratulations on putting your opinion out there like it counts. All I have heard from Redbull is that they stand behind their athletes.

  3. Thanks bro, gonna go ahead and kill myself now.