Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BROtocross Superlative Poll: Most Likely to Have Sold His Soul to the Devil?

Listen, voting is important, it makes America America. So if you don't like it, you can get out. This is kind of like the poll for the BROtocross Yearbook. Most people have been talking about how terrible it is that certain riders are getting screwed in the job category (join the club). Well, Eazy is here to flip this bitch (and write in the third person). Which riders have gotten rides where we can suspect some aid from the big guy downstairs? Riders, don't be pissed to be on this poll, because it only means that you somehow convinced the big wigs that you deserve to be a highly paid superstar, which is more than most of the other dudes you are lining up against can say. Let's breakdown the choices:

Jake Weimer, Monster Kawasaki - Yes I know I was picking on Jake not too long ago, and I am honestly a big fan of his. But in my uncontrollable ability to keep it real, I have to say that his 2010 outdoor series was less than stellar. He did win a supercross title, which definitely says he shouldn't be on this list. But I just remember hearing that he got that ride with Factory Kawi and thinking that I was surprised that Joe Bro didn't get it. Maybe I'm just too fahkin stoopid.

Ian Trettel, Rockstar Suzuki - If Ian had gotten a pro ride on Rockstar Suzuki last year, he would not be on this list. His 2010 as an amateur was pretty good, but nothing for the Hall of Fame. But for 2011, he has landed on Rockstar Suzuki as a FACTORY rider. They weren't factory before, but things have changed, and Ian can now tell all the honeys at the bar that he gets his paychecks from the big boss in Japan. Maybe Ian just has more ability to see the future than I do, and that's why he got with Rockstar Suzuki early. Well that investment has paid some serious dividends. I'll take this kid as my stock broker, please.

Josh Grant, Factory Honda - I totally think Grant earned his place under a factory awning, but as was in my post about his lucky lottery ticket, he was reportedly signed, sealed, and delivered to Valli before the Honda deal became public. So maybe they just kept that one really quiet, but I feel like I need to include him in this one.

Vince Friese, MotoConcepts Yamaha - There was a lot of bullshit on the forums and Twitter about Vince. Apparently there was a try-out for this last spot with MotoConcepts and A LOT of politics came into play, and the fastest rider did not get the spot. Of course, Friese got with these guys a few years ago, so he may have just been putting in the man-hours bringing doughnuts to the shop every morning.

Josh Hansen, Monster Pro Circuit - Another guy who I have already discussed. I do think that he has proven himself with this ride and should all contracts suddenly go up in flames tomorrow, I would say that Hansen deserves to be seriously considered for contract renewal. But of course, I think a lot of people would be wondering why if he's not on this list. Like I said before, his career was dead and buried back before this deal came about.

So that's it, I'm tired, you're sick of me. Vote or die, mothafuckas.

Who most likely sold his soul to the devil for a ride?
Jake Wemer
Ian Trettel
Josh Grant
Vince Friese
Josh Hansen


  1. Can't believe the results on this pole. Weimer squeaks out a supercross title sneakier than Jlaw and has literally never done anything stellar with his career otherwise. Are we forgetting the dismal seasons on Geico Honda?! No way he deserves a ride.

    As for Grant, dude works his ass off. Literally re-located to be on a team. When your a rider who has been announced on the starting line-up as a threat to JS7 your doing something right, totally deserves a Honda seat.

    I won't defend Hansen, kids loaded with talent but dude has his career been a shit show.

    How did Mr. 2nd place himself not make this list!? Drew Small aka Andrew Short. Bro, give up your ride, your apparently never going to do anything with it. I don't care how nice you are.

    As for the other two, well Freise is on a satellite team so thats not really a huge deal and Trettel has been one of the biggest hyped up amatuers since 65's. I don't see either of their rides as a mistake.

    My two cents. If you don't like it then piss off you jabroni.

  2. I'm agreeing with Scott on this one 100% All of it. and hey Scott, Jabroni? NICE WORD! Sounds soo hockey like

  3. Short definitely should have been a choice, I totally spaced on him.