Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh No, Ed Hardy. Oh No.

You may be thinking that this has nothing to do with motocross, and for the short term, you are right. Ed Hardy has recently decided that they are awesome enough to make snowboards and take over that industry. They already have made moves in both skateboarding and surfing. Why do I post this? I GUARAN-fuckin-TEE that motocross is two or three years down the road for them, maybe even less. You may disagree, but let's present the facts. Motocross is regarded as one of the fastest growing action sports now, in fact Transworld Business has done several articles about how the divide between motocross and board sports has only gotten thinner and more companies should and are treating the markets similarly. Affliction, Ed Hardy's equally retarded brother, already sponsors Davi Millsaps, so the end of the world has already started. Ed Hardy just brings things to a new level though. Who actually thinks their clothing is cool, other than the stereotypical guido fucks that have taken over American pop culture? The people who run Ed Hardy must be exactly like that, seriously. To actually believe that their products and image will sell in these sports, they have to be so up their own ass that they think their shit don't stink. Like, yeah bro, those guys want to be like us, right? So they will definitely buy our product, it's a sure thing. Give me some hairgel, I'm losing lift. Gross. Can't close this one without Bobby Bottleservice....

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  1. Can't forget that theres already some gay Ed Hardy graphics available. They look like a retarded clown took a shit all over the side of a bike... and worse yet, they're available for gAyTV's as well.