Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BROtocross Superlative Poll: [Second] Most Likely to Fire His Agent

This BROto Yearbook Superlative is pretty much the polar opposite of last week's. Who sat waiting for the phone to ring and just didn't get the call? The obvious answer is Pourcel, so that's why we are looking for the second most likely to fire his agent and seek new representation when it comes time to sign their life away next year. Hell, most of these guys probably don't even have agents anymore. Let's take a look at the contenders:

Chad Reed: I debated on making this superlative the Third Most Likely, because after Pourcel, Reed is kind of an obvious choice. Of course, when you look at it from a big picture standpoint, Reed kind of sucked this year. One moto win at Hangtown and that's pretty much it, right? I was honestly surprised when I realized that, in all the mayhem of the off-season, people were going crazy wondering which team Reed would end up on. Twitter is an amazing tool, I guess.

Tommy Hahn: Hahn is a rider who in the past two years has blown me away with how good he is outdoors regardless of the equipment he's on. I was absolutely sure that he would end up on a factory ride for 2011. He's on MotoConcepts, which seems like a decent enough team, but let's be real, they're not the big guys. Of course, Hahn kind of sucked when he was on factory bikes, so maybe the factory ride just out of his reach is the carrot on the string for him.

Nico Izzi: Already talked about Izzi a bunch in the Honda of Troy post. If that team had not folded, I would think twice about putting him in this poll. He definitely did not have a good year. But we know that he is capable of being a top 3 guy, or at least used to be. Now in his state as a wildly underage parent (how old is he, 15?), he should at least be able to squeeze in a top 7 between diaper changes.

Jimmy Albertson: Jimmy probably already fired his agent. That year in Europe was a bigger mistake than challenging someone with Parkinson's disease to a robot dance-off. The first year in Europe pretty much always sucks for American riders, culture difference or what have you. Now he lost that ride and America has forgotten about him. Bummer, dude.

Josh Hill: OK, that backflip debacle was fucking stupid. But Josh killed it early in the season, he was right with Dungey's pace until mid season when he supposedly hurt his ribs. It all sounded a little fishy to me, like why not just take it easy for a while? I guess he knew that he wasn't racing outdoors, so he needed to prove himself then and there. Shit, kind of screwed the pooch on that one, huh? Regardless, Josh is fast when he's healthy, so he still should have been able to get something.

Who is (Second) most likely to fire his agent?
Chad Reed
Tommy Hahn
Nico Izzi
Jimmy Albertson
Josh Hill


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