Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bubba's World Starts Tonight. Awesome?! Oh Wait, No.

So it looks like Bubba's World made it to season 2. Let's be real, the first season of this show kind of sucked. Like, it's one of those shows that you just watch on principle, even though every episode is a bigger disappointment than the last. At least he'll probably ride in this season, a little. I heard that the only reason that he tried to comeback for the nationals this past year was because the producers of the show wanted him on the Des Nations team. They must have been pretty bullshit when he didn't, right? Just throw that episode out the window. I don't see this happening, but hopefully they go a little bit more towards the reality route in this season, because the last one was so staged and acted out that I'm pretty sure I saw Samuel L. Jackson do a cameo or two. And sweet Christ, get Sorby out of there. Two minutes on the last season and you were ready for the comically large cane to come from off screen and yank him out of the shot.

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