Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let's Talk About the Moto Media

This post is the longest one yet for BROtocross, so you might want to grab a Powerade or something to get you through it. I just watched that Kyle Chisholm Shadow video on Transworld and was immediately struck with inspiration to write this, not to mention a certain follower suggested that this was a topic I should cover. When I think moto media, I pretty much think of three magazines: Transworld, Racer X, and Motocross Action. Of course there are other small publications (Dirt Rider, Moto Playground), but their existence is pretty much dwarfed by those other three, in my eyes. There are also websites like Vital MX, Pulp MX, Alli Sports, and Vurb Moto, along with the websites of each of the magazines, which have pretty much turned into separate publications of their own.

Let me open my rant by saying that of all those mentioned above, Transworld does it best. Why? Well first I will say that every media outlet we have inundates the moto public with the stuff that we already know. Who won the races, who signed with who, and basically what happened over the weekend. It's an overload of all the same crap. Riding tips, maintenance tips, and a ton of garbage that is already out there for us on this information superhighway. But Transworld takes it and gives it to us on a different platter. The magazine is easy to read, and uses humor to keep you coming back, and generally tries to be what they are, a motocross mag, and not some super publication. Racer X does well, too, especially with guys like Ping and Weege. Motocross Action sucks. They just write a ton of shittalk that seems like it is supposed to be funny but isn't, like when your dad wants to hang with you and your friends but he's really just making an ass of himself. Motocross Action is the awkward dad of motocross mags. I haven't picked up one of their issues in years, though I do sometimes frequent the website for shits and gigs. They seem to appeal to the Vet crowd, but unfortunately for them, those guys are about 6 months away from the iron lung class, so that's not really a market with a strong growth pattern.

The reason I say that Transworld is the best is because of the videos they do for the website. Obviously the mag publication biz is going into the shitter with the Internet Age, so like I said, most of those organizations are growing their online presence. Here's where players like Vurb Moto and Alli come in. This whole video culture appeals to my generation, it's easier than reading. Photos are fun too (looking at you, Vital MX), but it's a video world now, there's no way you can get by with just the still footage anymore. For the most part unfortunately, motocross videos suck. Like, SUCK. Slow-mo, maybe a little black and white, and some really epic, dark music that is supposed to equate motocross with going into battle. Gay. Gay gay gay. Listen, I like Troy Adamitis of TGO fame (and most of his vids), but it's all his fault. He started doing that, probably because all that music was cheap, and now all these hacks think that they can cop his style. It got played out faster than the Jheri Curl. Seems like everyone with a semi decent camera thinks that they can produce good content. Editing? What's that? Just throw all those shots together, toss in that epic soundtrack, click the slow-mo button, and you're done. Go grab a Bud Light, mister Epic Motocross Wartime Videographer. The only sometimes exception to this when it comes to strictly riding videos is Vurb, although lately it seems like they let anyone with a YouTube account put videos on their site. Wes, Walters, Danny, and Travis. That's it for good filmers over there. Anyone else, pretty much don't even bother.

Quick side note: I love the podcasts on Pulp and DMXS, but it is tough to find several hours to sit down and listen to the whole thing, and I suck at multitasking, so forget about doing work and listening, way too advanced.

Anyways, I totally got off my original point, which is that Transworld is the best. Instead of constantly barraging us with videos just like everyone else, we get some original footy, behind the scenes. That's what I want to know, that's what I want to see. I already know what a whip looks like and I have seen people drag the handlebars in a rut. Show me what these guys are like off the race track. Sure, riding footage is definitely worth peppering in here and there. But it's got to be different. Unique camera work, innovative music (even hip hop is getting played out, and forget about rock and metal), a different setting besides a practice track in Cali. Individualism is what fuels motocross. If it wasn't, we'd all be playing football. I have watched every Shadow, Pit Pass, and video blog that Transworld puts up there, even though some are pushing a half hour. It's just cool to see that Grant Langston gets drunk after races and David Vuillemin makes dangerous bets with intoxicated strangers. Those guys at Transworld are just looking at us at eye level and saying "Hey, you might think some of this is pretty good." So thanks Trannie, you guys are killing it. Wow this one got long really quick (that's what she......never mind). Eazy out.


  1. When Transworld was doing the rider interviews letting them ask the questions to one another-Prime example of their creativity showing more than just riding.

  2. At the same time though then you run into the Jake Weimer complex. Shit interviews that he should personally apologize for making us watch. I will agree with all of the mentions above. Especially about people making vids, listen kids it's getting annoying. Stop it. Keep killing the blog world Eazy.