Monday, December 13, 2010

Suzuki Wants Moss to Get His Points for those 3 Laps. Wait, what?

 From Moto Online - “Following recent confirmation of a correction to results in the 2010 Australian Pro Lites Supercross Championship, Motorcycling Australia has received an appeal to the published results from Suzuki Australia,” the statement said.
“MA was aware of Suzuki’s intention to appeal if there was a change to the results, and as such, in accordance with the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, the results are provisional pending the outcome of the appeal process." Full article here.

Have you seen this shitstorm that's kicking around about the 250 Super-X championship in Australia? It's becoming Election 2000 all over again. Moss won the 'ship, but he apparently only made it like 3 laps in one race, so he wasn't eligible to receive points. Wait, 3 laps and still in the points? I hope you learn from this, Australia. This is why you don't rock the boat. One main, 15 laps, done deal, everyone gets laid at the after party. But no, you guys have to be so original. Let's do some races with 4 mains, some races where we eliminate the last five guys until there are only five left, and some where they don't even race at all, it's just a theoretical mind race. Yeah, that's cool. Australia, I applaud your attempts at individualism, but it's just not working, ok? You went for it, it almost became a thing, but when you have races where a rider only makes it 3 laps and somehow could still possibly score points out of it, you fucked up. Plain and simple. Admit defeat, America is better AGAIN. Moss and Larsen are the only fast 250 riders over there, anyways, so who really gives a fuck about the 250 title? What's the bonus, a $20 gift card to Starbucks?

Here's what I  really don't get: Why is this such a headache for them? Moss either did or didn't complete enough laps. How does he possibly have a case if he didn't? I say it again, land of Oz, you are fucking up. What is Suzuki's argument for appealing this? That he did make 75% of the race but no one saw it and the video tape was doctored to not show it? You know that the guys in charge over there are Mormons, all day. They Joseph Smith'd the shit out of this situation. Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

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