Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Into This Skullcandy Gear

Spotted this one on Vurb. Yes, I already blogged about this not too long ago, but now I can actually see the finished product. I'm telling you, people, the secret to saving motocross from the BROpocalypse is in the brands that understand what it means to be an individual. And unfortunately, most of those brands exist primarily outside the realm of the sport. Wake the fuck up, everyone else. Answer should be down on their knees thanking Skullcandy. It took a headphone company to get them out of the shit slump. Is this gear the end all, be all of RADitude? Nah, but it's different. It's something that I haven't seen before. Originality, everyone. That's what it has always been about, it's really not too hard. That's why I frown upon the new JT stuff. Sure, fashion trends may be cyclical, but if you come back with the exact same shit from the '70s, it's not going to sell. It needs a contemporary spin. This stuff isn't old school, but goddamn if it's not different from what everyone else is putting out there. (And don't kid yourself if you think there isn't a directly parallel relationship between fashion and motocross. Might sound kind of queer, but The Devil Wears Prada could have been told from the point of view of an MX gear company).

By the way, I recognize the hypocrisy in the fact that I am now praising gear with skulls on it when I condemned it before, but as you'll notice at the bottom of that post, I specifically mentioned Skullcandy as an exception, because that logo suits their core competency as a business (headphones). And no, I have no vested interest in positively promoting Skullcandy. I do it because I'm such a sweetheart.


  1. OK, their logo suits their core competency but you (as the purchaser) are still running skulls. I'll grant you that stylized, cartoonish skulls are less gay than more metallic ones, but you're still a skull-wearing guy. And, while I'd say that they are less aesthetically horrendous than most modern gear, they could still pass for unicorn vomit. I'd really like to see something more -- ummmm -- tasteful and mature. But perhaps there is no market for that. And I have to admit that you almost look like you should be on a KDX200 with a fannypack for some of the more plain gear. It's a fine line...

  2. looking at the gear shown in the picture, I'm thinking it looks almost identical to the Fly gear from last year... check it out:,r:0,s:0

    ....very much a like, but the good news is, I liked that gear.

  3. Where is the hate in this post?

  4. Dude, that is funny. They do sort of look like pajamas. Or, a custom Snuggie for that hardcore teen in your life.