Friday, December 17, 2010

So Should I Just Call This Blog 771 Publications?

Yet again, it's Random Thoughts with Eazy. I was watching the Chad Reed vid over at Racer X and obviously the "Two Two Motorsports" logo and name are everywhere on that bike. I have already discussed that TwoTwo is groin-punchingly close to the word tutu, which as some of you may or may not know is a garment typically worn by female ballet dancers. The comparison between the two is not something that I would enjoy having my name associated with, but hey, I'm just insecure, I suppose. But this has all got me thinking (yeah, again) - why does everyone that races want to start a company that is just their number? It's funny, because just yesterday I used my ability with the written word to chastise freestylers for not having numbers, and now I am complaining about it. I am all over the hate radar here, people. But seriously, how many assholes have started companies using just their number as the name? Some have even become pretty successful (I'm guessing SixSixOne is the founder's number, but I have no idea, that is just the one I am thinking of right now. Oh, and 139 Designs, those guys are the shit), but for the most part, they are just a joke. I tweeted the other day about how many kids with shitty cameras and no talent at all to speak of all seem to decide that they are a film production company and just make every video under the name [Number] Productions. It's getting me angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

People, all I am asking for is a little creativity. This is why other folk might make fun of you for being stupid. If you show no hint of creative thought, you are just asking for people to shit on you. And if you are starting a business, that is probably the last thing that you want, no? Do you know how long it took me to come up with BROtocross? Probably about 5 minutes. So put in the effort, homeschoolers, because the "My Number Incorporated" trend was a little old the day it started. Or if you want to take it completely in the other direction, change your name to your number, Ochocinco style. That takes some boldness, every woman in the joint will be on your giant balls.

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  1. 661 is the area code of Santa Clarita, CA where I believe the company got starts. Now they are owned by one industries so that fact has become irrelevant.