Thursday, December 30, 2010

They Rapin' Everybody at Lake Whitney

Spotted the link to this on Racer X - HILLSBORO (December 29, 2010)--Three of five men indicted by the Hill County Grand Jury for sexual assault in the rape of a teenage girl at a motocross track in 2009 have been arrested and deputies continue to search for two more.

Michael Pritchett, 20, of Duncanville, was arrested Dec. 27 by Mesquite police and taken to the Dallas County Jail where he posted a $75,000 bond and was released.

Joseph Marburger, 20, of Mesquite, was arrested Dec. 23 by Mesquite police and taken to the Dallas County Jail where he remains in lieu of $50,000 bond.

Theodore Parks, 21, of Princeton, was arrested Dec. 27 by Collin County deputies and was later released after posting a $50,000 bond.

John Baker, 20, of Longview, and Jason Langford, 18, of Palestine, remain at large, Hill County Deputy Sheriff Brenda Kaddatz said.

The five men are charged in connection with the Feb. 2009 aggravated sexual assault of a 16-year-old girl at a motocross track in Whitney.

Damn, Texas just doesn't give a fuck, do they? Take note, ladies, don't even bother saying "no", it'll just be a waste of breath that you'll desperately need when running away. I swear I recognize a few of these names, too. Are these kids fast? If they are, then what was this chick thinking, not wanting to get down with the get down? Doesn't she know the hierarchy of the motocross track? Listen sweetheart, read this and then think about what you did wrong.

Seriously though, what were these kids thinking? Just gang raping a girl at the track. I still think they are fast because I'm pretty sure I recognize a couple of those names, and in that case, why not just move on to the next one? It's pretty damn easy. Maybe in Texas, they just like to get down with a disproportionate amount of dudes and unwilling girls. You know what they say, only two things come out of Texas: steers and queers. And I didn't read anything about any horns on these kids...


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  2. Whoever wrote this shit don't even know half the story dude. Needless to say who the fuck posts shit like this. Must not be ridin much BROtorcross if you got time to slam people for the excitement of a worthless fucking story on a worthless fucking website... Fuckin dude bro's...


  3. This is fuckin bull shit ... some dumb girl didn't want to look like a slut and when word got back to her parents that she was bagging abunch of dudes the girl couldn't own up to what she did and cried rape... and texas laws are so fucked up ..these boys lifes are forever fucked ... and for what .... guaranteed she was no vergin and guaranteed she was bangggin some.other dudes the next weekend only this time more on the down low and not at motocross track were their is a community of people and everybody knows your name .....I bet the parents were the ones who took it this far because the didn't want everybody in the motocross community to know that their sweet perisious lil Suzy was the biggest moto hoe at the track..... get the fuck out off the gas ...hey parents mabee you shouldn't let your sluty daughter in a rv with a bunch of superstar motocross boys ... blame bad parents on this situation... and seriously think ...have you ever met any who race's motocross that wasn't good people???? I'll wait ??? Theses boy 's are all good people and this is what happens when people use the law for social status reasons .... it's fucking bull shit... I bet now this girl has a baby and is knocked up with one on the way but buy God the parents had their shot of taking their anger out and destroying thesses boys life becuse its somebody's eles fault that their sweet lil girls a whore not their own fault... I hope this girls parents jump off a bridge