Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rate This Australian Chick Freestyler

I saw the press release on Racer X about this chick being on the Bel-Ray team, and was immediately curious. "Australia's sole female freestyle motocross competitor"? You mean there are other chicks hucking tricks in other places in the world? Seriously, that one went right over my head. When did girls start doing freestyle? As usual, it looks like I have to point out the gigantic elephant in the room and mention that girls usually have the most god-awful style. I'm sorry ladies, I love you, but it's true. Like, it is no problem at all for the experienced eye to pick out a girl on the track, no matter what. Could be short hair, guys gear, no pink, and I could still pick the chick on the track. So, a girl going into a style-driven discipline is definitely a subject for me to look into.

So, the video. Yeah, just about what I expected. About three tricks, front end high on every jump, and no whip in sight. I'm really not trying to pick on this girl, so I won't even go further other than to say that she's definitely one of the better looking girls I've seen riding a motorcycle, so that's definitely a positive mark. But honestly, against the guys, no shot at all. Even with a flip. Swing and a miss.


  1. Agreed, I wanted to some see some whip action.

  2. No whip? No care ever. I'd hit it. And by "it", i mean her. And by "her", i mean...her face. What a boring ass video. On a side note, that dirty look she gave me in the beginning of the video tells me that she definitely wants me to get it in. Guess I'm gonna have to get in touch with her.

  3. Wow, that sucked... If I can pull of the tricks some chick pulls, no dice. You better at least be able to whip better than me, or have some style.

    (See my fb pics for sweet style)

  4. OK, I gotta say I'm all for this chick riding FMX. Is she ready for X Fighters? No, ofcourse not. Is she pulling or inventing new tricks? No. But she is out there trying it. She'll get better. We all have to start somewhere. Maddo didn't pull a back flip the first time he hit a ramp either. And besides she may never be a superstar FMX girl but she might inspire the girl who decides to give FMX a try who does become a superstar.

    I feel like "superstar" should be all caps... or at least an exclamation point.

  5. Oh and I forgot to mention, "When did girls start doing freestyle?"

    Answer = two words: Jolene Van Vugt

    Or is that three. I think she should come to me personally and tell me... while giving me a hug... maybe a little kiss on the cheek... maybe... (putting myself in time out)

  6. Ya I have never seen that Jolene girl throw a good whip either. There are guys here in the states that can throw gnarly whips for days and they have the flip down and they are small potatos. So someone saying they are an FMXer then goin and throwing air wheely/no handers deserves nothing more than a high five no matter what gender.