Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Got More Usable Power, Bro

 Alright, KTM, just admit you were wrong, and we can all go back to living our lives. No one will think any less of you, at least not any more so than if you continue with this 350 debacle. Listen, you owe it to your riders. I mean, you've pretty much destroyed their careers. We all know that I curse Alessi's name, but you don't need to be a retarded looking guy in a talking wheelchair who's somehow a fucking genius to realize that he was fast. Not really ever so much at Supercross, but let's throw it out there - in '09, he was probably going to win that outdoor championship. He of course didn't because he got hurt. Then again, Villopoto would have won it before him, but hurt his knee. Ok, Alessi is a failure, but he was fast, moving on now. You also have Andrew Short, probably the least explosive rider to ever get a factory ride, but a good rider, nonetheless. Between them, you probably have a 99% chance of getting a holeshot on the 450. But nope, it has to be the 350. It has more manageable power, right BRO? People don't use the power a 450 can muster, so let's give them what they can use. It's ingenious, right? See, on paper, the 350 is the greatest idea for dirt bikes since knobby tires. What KTM seems to fail to realize is that motocross doesn't really happen on paper, and in the real world, their revolutionary idea is crash-and-burning so hard that you can see that orange California mushroom cloud from here in little old Massachusetts. Just give them the 450 and cut your losses.

Let's be real, pumpkins,  you've kind of been a joke for a really long time with that whole linkage issue. Finally, you got some serious names added to the program with DeCoster and Everts, and I honestly thought that things were turning around. Then you decided that you only needed 350 eggs in your basket, and you know what? 350 eggs is not as many as 450. Show me those two baskets next to each other, and I'm picking the 450, every time. Wrap your heads around that. Why do you have to rock the boat so much? Here's a little business tip for you: If no one else is doing it, the overwhelming odds are that it has been thought of and decided against with good reason. Not a universal law, but for the most part a good rule of thumb.


  1. They might as well put their riders in the 450 class on 250 2-strokes. now that might stir things up and be an interesting experiment I can get behind.

  2. Since when is there unusable power..?

  3. A 350 won the world MX title you moron. Also, the 450 is not fuel injected, making the 350 the smarter choice in SX, where instantaenous throttle response is mandatory. CHUMP!

  4. Cairoli's "350" is a works bike, and MANY people were questioning the legitimacy behind the 350 claim at MXdN, for what it's worth.

    As far as the bike being the better choice in Supercross: EFI can only do so much. It doesn't even come close to compensating for the 100cc difference. The results don't lie, BRO. That 350 has seen almost no success other than Cairoli.