Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Want To Appeal To America's Youth? Shit On The Cops

Did you catch this PSA during the SX telecast for good values or moral judgement or some shit? I swear to you, I laughed so hard at the end that I nearly dropped the delicious slice of cheese pizza that I was devouring. I seriously watched on to see if this was a marketing ploy for some new show or movie or something. Like, that is a deliberate shot at police. No significance at all except to exploit the [hilariously true] stereotype that cops love their doughnuts. It would send exactly the same message without that little tid-bit. But would it appeal to the youth of America? These Go Pass It On guys seem to think not. Can't really blame them, I guess. They are clearly shooting for the emo/self-loathing crowd here, and those kids typically do distrust the po po. Might as well milk such a tendency of the target market in order to maximize the reach of the ad. That is the purpose of these things, and better to make fun of cops to produce more good kids, right?

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